In the pipeline - Information Blog #16 - Gutter Cleaning Melbourne -floods &overflows

October 08 2014

Recent heavy rains on the weekend, ​caused problems throughout Melbourne’s CBD and eastern and southern suburbs. We attended to reports of a ground floor stairwell flooding due to a  blocked stormwater drain, numerous roof leaks were reported and gutters were found to have overflowed during the heavy rain causing damage internally..

The top five plumbing emergencies we attended to over the period of heavy rain were as follows.

1. We attended to a unit complex in Armadale where the ground floor stairwell was flooding. We found the problem to be cause by a blocked drain externally which led to a small pool of water forming and water flowing into the the stairwell area. Our emergency plumber who attended the property used drain cleaning equipment to clear the blocked drain.

2.Roof leak into an office complex in the Melbourne CBD. Our roof restoration specialist attended this property in Lonsdale Street Melbourne and found that a hole had been drilled In the top story flat metal roof allowing water to run into the ceiling and through the building. The plumber who carried out the roof repairs at this Melbourne property made a temporary roof repair during the rain and returned on Monday during business hours and permanently repaired the hole using colour bond sheetmetal.

3.A basement car stacker had partially filled with water as a unit complex in suburban Hawthorn. On attendance the emergency plumber found that a safety switch had tripped causing the sump pump to stop working and water to back up. Power was reinstate after an electrician was engaged double check the wiring and the submersible pump and associated pit was service while on site.

4.Blocked hidden gutter overflowed into a residential property in Frankston. We were called to a private property in the Frankston on Saturday evening evening and our emergency plumber reported that water was running through the ceiling into the bedroom. He safely access the roof and found that there were plants growing out of a rain head at the end of the hidden gutter system. He removed the plants and unblocked the gutter and assisted with the cleanup internally.

5. I slipped roof tile in Mount Waverley caused significant water damage to plaster ceiling and parquetry floor. The split roof tile allowed water to flow straight into the ceiling cavity of this large home, our emergency plumber was able to find and fix the fault safely during the heavy rain By utilising the ceiling cavity to reach the split roof tile from below. We re-attended this job  during business hours to ensure that the roof leak problem was permantly fixed And our customer requested that we carry out a comprehensive roof audit. Our roof plumber found evidence that the problem had been caused by incorrect installation of the roof tiles at this property.


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