In the pipeline - Information Blog #17 - Plumbers Melbourne -  Rheem Hot Water Problems

November 03 2014

​Getting up and enjoying a hot shower in the morning is as much about hygiene  as it is about routine, and when this routine is disrupted by lack of hot water supply the day can go wrong.

Common installation faults with Rheem Hot Water Systems.

* 90% of faults with  Rheem continuous hot water systems are caused by inadequate gas supply. 

*90% of faults with Rheem Bulk storage systems are caused by inadequate inlet and outlet pipework.

*Another common fault found with Rheem continuous hot water systems is the inlet cold water filter blocking. 

All of these faults are caused by plumbers in Melbourne cutting corners in relation to costs and the quality of the installation. An example of this cost-cutting would be the installation of a new continuous hot water system. Most plumbers are aware of the need to increase the gas inlet pipe size but in order to win the work order costs are reduced by not upgrading the gas pipe. The end result is that the continuous unit does not work to specification and you do not get good continuous flow of hot water.

Case Study:

Emergency plumbers replace Rheem storage hot water services regularly and the most common ways to reduce quoted price is to replace the hot water service only and disregard the need for proper inlet and outlet water pipe sizing. We recently attended a Rheem bulk hot water system in a unit complex in Hawthorn to investigate to complaint of inadequate hot water supply. We tested the three bulk hot water services and found each to be functioning normally, however the hot water outlet pipes were all different sizes and were not uniform. The result was most hot water was drawing from one of the three hot water services only. The end result was that the complex was running out of hot water. We solved this problem by installing a correctly designed hot water outlet pipe manifold system and increased the hot water supply to this building by 200%.




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