In the pipeline - Information Blog #18—Roof Repairs Melbourne- Strong winds cause damage

November 19 2014

​Strong north-westerly winds have caused damage to several properties in metropolitan Melbourne. Our emergency plumber  has attended properties in  the bayside suburbs of Elwood, St Kilda and Brighton overnight with all three properties having roof tiles that have been blown off/dislodged during strong winds.

Fortunately strong winds have occurred without rainfall and make safe repairs have been completed. At all three properties lack of preventative maintenance in regards to the poor condition of the roof tile repointing and trees overhanging the roof caused the  tiles to be dislodged.

Roof Restoration Recommendations Post Storms.

-Carry out a combination roof audit and gutter cleaning

-Plan preventative roof maintenance such as roof tile repointing, regular gutter cleaning, replacement of rusted gutters and roofs

-Prune trees back from the property so overhanging branches cannot dislodge roof tiles

Case study.

A: The property we attended in Elwood overnight had several roof ridge tiles dislodged and these ended up on the concrete driveway below. Fortunately no residents or vehicles were parked in this area. Our emergency plumber cleaned up the debris, accessed the roof safely and carried out make safe repairs and quote has been provided and accepted for the permanent roof repairs required. When we carry out any roof repairs in Melbourne we always provide photos of any damage found and the repairs undertaken. 

B: Our roof repair specialist attended period property In Brighton this week with the report of possums having entered the ceiling cavity. Upon arrival we were shown area where the possums could be heard in the ceiling. Our plumber accessed the ceiling cavity and could smell the possums and see daylight coming through the roof with a tile having been dislodged. The tile was reinstated and fixed in place so that the possum could not use this access point again. We referred the client to a pest control specialist who was attending that day to install a one-way exit point for the possum.


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