In the pipeline - Information Blog #19 -Roof Leaks and Heavy Rain

November 26 2014

. Residents of Hampton, Ripponlea and Caulfield were confronted with a steady drizzle for most of the day before getting caught in the downpour at around 2 o’clock which continued late into the afternoon. The un-relenting torrent of rain brought many problems to residential homes and commercial properties including roof leaks,overflowing gutters, flooded basements and elavator shafts and internal water damage. Emergency services were kept busy during the afternoon and evening with our emergency plumbers attending several urgent callouts. 

At a house in Mentone urgent assistance was required by a  resident this week when she found a large puddle of water in both her bathroom and corridor from a suspected roof leak. Our roof restoration plumber Nathan was sent to find and fix the leak. After the rain had ceased, Nathan went on to the roof to investigate and determine the cause of the leak. Not finding anything unusual he went back inside and decided to use the thermal imaging camera to see where the water from the shower’s pipes was going. It was quickly noted that the leak was not caused by the torrential rain but in fact from a leaking water pipe in the wall. Nathan tested the leak by turning on the hot water tap in the shower and by using the thermal imaging camera, was able to observe that only the majority of all the hot water was going through the pipe and that a small portion was running through the wall and into the bathroom and corridor.

 Fortunately Nathan’s experience in leak detection and ability to think outside the box allowed the leak to be discovered by less conventional means when most other plumbers would be fixated on the idea that the leak was caused by the flooding rain.

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