In the pipeline - Information Blog #2 - Quality Plumbing Materials

September 30 2013

When carrying out any repair/renovation, choosing the right plumber is difficult enough, let alone choosing the right materials.

The choice of quality materials will mean the difference between long life expectancy and something that will have to be repaired or replaced within a few years.

Questions you should as your plumber;

1. Where do you purchase your plumbing materials from - if the answer is Reece or Tradelink, the answer is correct

2. What type of roof metal products are you using - if the answer is Colorbond supplied by Blue Scope Steel, there’s another answer correct

3. Where are you sourcing your ready mix concrete from - the answer you’re looking for is Boral or Holcim

4. Do you purchase your materials online or source locally - if the answer is online, alarm bells should start to ring


Manufacturers in East Asia are currently copying all types of plumbing fittings, pipes and materials used in the plumbing industry and supplying them at greatly reduced costs. The problem here is the poor quality, incorrect sizes and the fact that the materials do not comply with Australian standards. Your insurance will become non complaint/void and the risk is greatly increased.

Plumbing companies can cut significant costs from projects by reducing material cost. Customers need to be aware of the risks, it is well documented that insurance claims are being rejected due to non-compliant materials usage.


Short-term cost savings will often lead to large and expensive repair later. Preferred suppliers of Webb Plumbing include; Reece -, Tradelink -, Boral -, Holcim -, Bluescope Steel -, Colorbond -

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