In the pipeline - Information Blog #20 - Leak Detection Melbourne

December 08 2014

​When detecting a leak from a difficult to find water leak tracing out the route of the existing water greatly assists in narrowing the search. Most tracing equipment utilises tracking and tracing of metallic pipes so therefore if the pipework is not metallic alternative strategies are required. These alternative strategies could be the use of thermal imaging cameras, the use of small diameter CCTV cameras or utilising metallic trace wires with transmitters and associated locators.

We were recently called to a large property in the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong. This domestic home was extremely large and sat on approximately a hectare of land and had water continually flowing into the basement carpark which had been storing and expensive car collection. We were engaged by a specialist building company based in Port Melbourne who in turn was briefed by the insurance company acting for this lot owner.

After not being able to locate the exact position of the leak utilising conventional methods our leak detection specialist used a strategy of narrowing the search area via the installation of in-line stop tap’s. In order to locate the below ground and in the wall pipework he utilised a small diameter CCTV camera and associated locating equipment. The search area was narrowed to a six meters section of Poly pipe running in a large structural footing. This section of pipe was subsequently bypassed and the leak fixed. The experience of our leak detection technician allowed him to combine the high-tech equipment with his Clear and logical leak detection plan.

A similar scenario occured in the inner-city suburb of Brunswick recently where we were contacted by the Owners Corporation manager in relation to a large spike in water consumption and asked to investigate. Our leak detection expert again was faced with ‘a needle in a haystack situation’ with a large site of 40 individual units with each having individual courtyards. After the initial investigations narrowed the search area to one of the eight unit courtyards water pipe line tracing was utilised. This involved locating the 50 mm diameter main Poly water pipe and feeding tracer wire down the internal bore of the pipe. As the pipe location was found stop valves were installed and sections of the pipework methodically tested. The burst was located under a courtyard which was covered by concrete slab. The position of the burst was pinpointed and a permanent repair carried out. 

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