In the pipeline - Information Blog #21 - Pumbers Melbourne -  Safety & Gutter Cleaning

December 29 2014

​When engaging a contract to carry out a relatively simple maintenance tasks such as gutter cleaning it is important to ensure your work is done safely. The Victorian WorkCover Authority documents the absolute shockers dear inspectors are informed of each month. 

Reference:   Safety Soapbox 10 December 2014

Questions to ask before engaging a Melbourne gutter cleaning contractor.

1. Are you going to be doing this job and if so how do you intend to do it?

2. A going to carry out a site specific risk assessment?

3. How do you intend on accessing the gutters?

4. Are you going to be working alone?

5. When do you intend to do the work?


- The way these questions are answered should dictate whether or not you engage the contractor. If they cannot verbally indicate to you the customer that they can answer questions in relation to the most basic of safety procedures then you should act in caution.

Case Study…

We were recently asked to provide a cost for gutter cleaning at 30 properties for a large property manager in Melbourne. Our Foreman attended each property and  provided notes on basic safety requirements such as,what height was the building, what type of roof  the property had,how we could safely access the roof and gutters and staff requirements for each job. We submitted our cost for each of the  properties in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, St Kilda, Elwood, Windsor and Fitzroy.  We were not successful in winning the work and were informed that another contractor had been successful at a price of $90 per property including GST. We know in this kind of situation that the commonly cut corner will be safety.

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