In the pipeline - Information Blog #22 - Blocked Drains Melbourne - Use of CCTV

January 15 2015

​CCTV equipment is used extensively in drainage work and the initial costs of the inspection is often saved tenfold. Knowing the exact position, depth and extent of sewer and storm water drain problems allows both the client and various contractors to make informed accurate management decisions. Gone are the good old days when the location of the below ground or in wall blocked drain problem was found by expensive and unnecessary excavation. 

When engaging a drainage specialist to carry out CCTV work the following information should be provided..

*A clear and accurate USB STICK or DVD of the vision.

*An accurate plan of the site and associated drainage including depth and location of any problems.

*Accurate on site markings of where the drain is located and any associated issues found.

*A detailed report on what the exact findings were.


~Common utilised ‘TRICKS’ used by most CCTV drainage contractors include, no plan provided, no on site markings, if a report is provided it either lacks detail or is excessively long and confusing. Approximately 95% of clients that come to us post CCTV inspection by other contractors find out that they have  gotten a lot less than what they expected. The drainage contractor of course like to keep the crucial information in house.

Case Study One:

We were asked to provide a quote on the drain replacement at two properties this week in the bayside suburbs of St Kilda and Elwood. Both properties he had drainage issues over Christmas new year period and the same drainage contractor had carried out the CCTV inspections. There were no plans, no detailed report and now on-site markings and the DVD was of no use to us in relation to pricing this work. It left us making assumptions In relation to the exact location and depth of the drainage issues and meant that the owners Corporation manager could not present accurate like for like pricing.

Case Study Two:

We were approached recently to provide an independent report on a sewer and stormwater drainage system in a commercial property in Brighton. A well-known drain contractor had carried out the CCTV inspection of the property and report provided approximately 5 pages of report information. This report was loaded with plumbing jargon and lacked the accurate detail such as dimensions, depth and a site plan. We made our report back to the building insurance group and presented a quote to carry out another CCTV inspection. 

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