In the pipeline - Information Blog #23 - Roof Plumber Melbourne - Vandalized Roof

January 29 2015

 Hooligans in Carlton caused significant roof damage to terracotta tile roof when bottles were thrown onto the roof.

Our roof repair specialist attended a period property in the inner Melbourne suburb of Carlton to investigate report of broken roof tiles and glass on the ground. When we arrived we could see that pieces terracotta tile were scattered over the concrete car park area on the western side of this property. After gaining safe roof access, we inspected the roof and found approximately 10 roof tiles broken and substantial amount of broken and beer bottles on the roof. Replacement tiles were sourced and roof repairs completed and all rubbish removed.

We invoiced for these emergency plumbing works under the heading Vandalised Roof and completed the invoice wording so that our client could make an insurance claim for these repairs. We suspect that the source of the bottles was an adjoining unit complex where numerous empty bottles could be seen on top of the balcony wall adjoining an upper level apartment. Photographs of both the damage, the roof restoration works and the adjoining property were all supplied with the invoice and report.

This is not the first time we have encountered vandalised roofs with a similar scenario occurring in bayside suburb of St Kilda recently. In this case the Owners Corporation property we were called to had a water leak into one of the upper level units. After inspecting the unit and roof above we could see a broken roof tile and broken glass scattered down the roof. Again we carried out the repair and documented our findings.




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