In the pipeline - Information Blog #25 - CCTV INSPECTION OF DRAINS MELBOURNE

February 28 2015


-If you are considering engaging a specialist drainage plumber to carry out a CCTV audit of your sewer or storm water drainage systems in Melbourne we would recommend that you ask yourself whether you intend to carry out a pro-active preventative maintenance strategy or you will continue to manage the blocked drains in Melbourne as they occur( Reactionary emergency maintenance strategy).

-If your management strategy is to permanently fix a drainage system fault and be proactive and instigate preventative maintenance to reduced costs over long term then CCTV inspection of drainage systems makes sense economically and practically.

-The cost of an accurate CCTV inspection and audit of the drainage system will allow you to instigate the appropriate management decisions to manage the drainage system faults going forward. The accurate CCTV inspection will also reduce costs when various contractors quote on permanent repairs faults  found.


There are many contractors who carry out CCTV inspections of drainage systems, but most only provide the consumer with only a partial service. The following should be included in the scope of works.

* provide a clear and accurate report post works

* provide clear vision of the drain with commentary

* provide a clear and accurate plan of the drainage system with any faults marked on plan

* a guide to the time allowance on site

* an estimate of the cost if the drain requires jet cleaning during CCTV audit

* provide on-site markings of any problem areas found.

* on site markings should include exact position and depth

* an estimate of the hourly CCTV cost if additional time on site is required

****Good luck with getting transparency from your chosen contractor.



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