In the pipeline - DIY Blog #27 - Rigid Drain Clearing Tools -Blocked drains

March 19 2015

There are numerous ways that an emergency plumber can clear blocked drains. Commonly specialized equipment is used including mechanical and jet cleaning equipment.

*RIDGID drain cleaning tools, range from hand tools, sink machines, drum/sectional machines to jetters and our emergency plumbers have been utilizing Rigid equipment for decades.

Types of Equipment Used

*Sink machines - These Small hand held Rigid drain clearance our portable and effective in clearing small diameter drain blockages.

*Drum machines - These larger specialist Rigid drain clearance equipment are extremely effective in clearing 100 to 150 mm diameter drain blockages.

*Sectional machines - These machines are used every day by the specialist when clearing blocked drains Melbourne and use high-speed cutting action to cut through obstructions.

*Rodder machines - These machines are the most common machine used by plumbers when drain cleaning in Melbourne and are designed specifically for larger diameter lines.

*Jetter machines - This equipment is versatile and very effective in clearing build up and destruction is in drains. Water jetting machines are ideal for clearing grease, sludge or clogged drains.

So as you can see there is a great variety of different types of equipment that emergency plumbers can use when encountering blocked drains. 

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