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March 11 2015

Slow Draining Drains – should I call a plumber?


The basin in

your bathroom is draining slowly.

What should

you do, call a plumber or try and clear it yourself?


If you have

a slow draining basin, shower or kitchen sink and you want to try and clear it yourself we recommend the following DIY steps:-

1)     Remove any waste (hair, food etc)

from plug

2)     Pour boiling hot water down drain

3)     Use a rubber plunger

The boiling

water will help loosen any matter lodged in the drains and plunging will help move it along.


Plumbing Services do not recommend using products such as “Drano” and the like in your drains.  The chemicals in these

products may cause more damage over time to your pipes and potentially injury to you.

If the drain

continues to drain slowly call a plumber! 


Plumbing Services can attend to your slow draining or blocked basins, sinks,shower & toilet in the Greater Melbourne area including Brighton, Richmond,

Keilor, Altona, Beaumaris & Elwood.

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