In the pipeline - Information Blog #27 - Leak Detection Melbourne - Infra-red Cameras

March 27 2015

​Webbplumbing services are engaged on a daily basis to trace water leaks with some more difficult to locate than others.

Case Study 1:

Water was leaking into lower-level bedroom in a large property in Mount Eliza. This large property was over two levels with concrete slab floors and ceilings and unfortunately the hot and cold water supply pipes had been run in these concrete slabs.

Our leak detection specialist commenced his work by,,,

*Initially inspecting where the water damage was occurring and what infrastructure was directly above. Directly above the leak was a bathroom, laundry and nearby hot water service room. Water was dripping constantly through the lower-level ceiling. 

*The decision was made to pressure test the hot and cold water pipes. Pressure testing of the pipes confirmed that the burst water pipe was in the hot water pipe work. This simple strategy narrowed the search  area by 50% and meant that we were only searching for a burst hot water pipe.  

*As the burst was in a hot water pipe our leak detection specialist decided to use Infrared/thermal imaging camera equipment to not only trace the course of the hot water pipe work through the concrete slab but to search for the area of the leak. The course of the hot water pipe was mapped out on site and an area of increased temperature was found in one area of the concrete slab floor. This area of temperature difference combined with the visual findings narrowed the search area to approximately 0.5 sqm. 

*Audio equipment was then used to try to narrow the search area further but no audible sound of a burst could be heard even with the use of inert gas which normally increases the noise of the leak.

*In conclusion our leak detection specialist marked the position of the burst on the bathroom tile floor and one of our emergency plumbers who lives in the neighbouring suburb of Frankston attended the property and uncovered the burst and carried out a permanent repair.

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