In the pipeline - Information Blog #29 - Leak Detection Melbourne - Balcony & Facade Leaks

April 18 2015

Our leak detection experts are increasingly being asked to trace rain related water leaks In properties where the source of the water ingress may be balcony areas , the facade, planter boxes or the roof. The following information relates to 3 water leaks we were asked to trace in apartment buildings in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy and one in another apartment in the neighbouring suburb of Collingwood. The following information explains how our leak detection technician dealt with the myriad of possibilities.

* Initially a verbal brief was given by the client.

* Visual inspection was made which included inspecting the areas of water staining on the ceiling and associated walls and floor carefully and taking notes on dimensions of stains and resultant water damage.

*The possible sources of the water ingress which were listed  included, * flat decking roof and its associated flashings and skylight, * hidden box gutters, *the internal and external facade, *the top of a parapet wall, *a large tiled balcony, *the joint between the balcony and the box gutter, * the internal PVC downpipes.

*As you can see there was a myriad of possible causes at both of these properties. 

*After listing the causes the decision was made to target the most likely cause.

*Flow, flood & spray testing was carried out on both properties with three of the four leaks reproduced by these techniques.

*CCTV equipment was used to inspect the hidden wall and ceiling cavities and narrow the search.

*All three leaks were eventually accessed by cutting inspection openings in either the plaster wall or plaster ceiling.

*The causes of the three leaks included, 1./ A hole the size of a 10c  piece in 100 mm Internal PVC downpipe. 2./ The balcony tiles and/or membrane failing. 3./ A fixing screw through a 100mm PVC internal downpipe. 

*The cost saving to both clients was substantial as our experienced leak detection expert was able to not only trace but provide the 100% proof that the leak had been found.Two of the three leaks were repaired on the spot and a quote has been provided to waterproof the balcony.

*The remaining leak that we could not trace has been managed by providing the two possible causes and providing quotes to waterproof these two problems. This Plan B strategy of eliminating the possible causes will provide a clear outcome and permanently fix the source of water ingress.

*Whether you have a suspected balcony leak In South Yarra, a suspected roof leak in Sandringham or a possible balcony leak in Sunshine our experienced leak detection technicians at webbplumbing services will find and fix your water leak problem.


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