In the pipeline - Information Blog #31 - Roof Leaks in South Yarra - Roof Plumbers

May 22 2015

​We recently received a work order to carry out an audit of a recently completed unit complex in the in Melbourne suburb of South Yarra.

The aim of these works was to instigate a preventative maintenance strategy so as to reduce future maintenance costs.

The roofing plumber identified the following faults.

1. A large quantity of organic matter was blocking the hidden gutter system.

2. There were no overflow outlets in the hidden gutter system.

3. The ends of the roof decking were not turned down where they meet the gutter system.

4. Rubbish from an adjoining unit complex was lying on the roof.

5. The rain heads at this property had no overflow relief.

6. The roof decking penetration flashings were blocking the bottom tray of the decking.

7. The surrounding In flashing was not sealed at joints.

8. The Rheem bulk hot water service which was located on the plant platform at roof level was a non-compliant installation.

9. One of the rain water sump is was badly buckled.

10. An area of box gutter was holding water.

Recommendations were made to the Owners Corporation on all of the 10 points above with a warranty claim made against the contractors who had recently completed these works, the Owners Corporation engaged our services to clean the roof and gutters and schedule this work as an ongoing maintenance schedule. We were engaged to complete a second audit of the complex post warranty repairs.

The lack of attention to detail and poor finishing and non-compliance is a common problem seen with the installation of new roofs and installation of hot water systems.


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