In the pipeline - Information Blog #33 - Rheem Hot Water - Brighton, Bentleigh, Beaumaris

June 23 2015

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 TOPIC: Keep your water hot and reduce energy consumption.

 CASE STUDY: 56 Jackson Street, St Kilda : Community House Apartments

 AUDIT: Rheem Solar hot water system inspection

 EXISTING System :

 –        Rheem Commercail solar lo-line system 

–        3x Rheem NPT solar collectors

        Rheem 610340 storage tank

        Rheem 631275 duty gas system boost unit.


        roof inspection: solar array well installed, new pipe insulation required, existing lagging worn causing heat loss

        solar sensor cable: requires plastic conduit to protect from weather

        plant area on ground: requires new pipe insulation on exposed heated water lines.

ACTION: all current insulation on pipes needs to be replaced to protect from the weather and prevent  heat loss.

FACT: For every 1 meter of poor insulated hot water pipe there is a 1 degree Celsius drop in water temperature. Therefore the system at Jackson Street is heating at 680C  but by the time it reached the tap it has lost 120C.


        Grundfos circulators 20mm: need timers

        hot water heating: circulators are operating 24 hours a day.

 ACTION: Fit a Kambrook dial timer to heat hot water during peak times (10 hours per day)

 FACT: Circulating the hot water around the ring system 24 hours a day causes significant temperature loss and unnecessary energy consumption. By operating the recirculation pumps for only 10 hours every 24 hours, there will be a significant drop in energy consumption. 

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