In the pipeline - Information Blog #36 Roof Repairs - Asbestos Cement Roofs

August 04 2015

​Webbplumbing services are a specialist maintenance plumbing company based in Elsternwick in the South Eastern suburb of Melbourne with one of the companies specialties being roof repairs.

The following are steps that should be taken when carrying out any repair is associated with the asbestos cement roofing.

1. Carry out a site-specific risk assessment and instigate all controls to ensure safety during the works.

2. One of the controls should be the instigation of a way of repairing the roof with minimal disturbance to the underlying asbestos cement.

3. A common technique employed to carry out the repair is to engage a licenced asbestos removal contractor to clean the area to be waterproofed/repaired.

4. Then in damp conditions if possible we apply coatings of a product known as Fillcoat Fibres. This product has numerous advantages including *** you can use if you have cracks and fissures in your roof or *** if you have puddles or ponding  around the leak area or *** at 20°C Fillcoat Fibres has an elasticity of 1300% or *** the presence of the fibres along with the other special qualities of this unique product enables you to bridge over and thus effectlively repair cracks and fissures several millimeters Will wide or ***you can apply to slightly damp surfaces or ***product is very suitable for use repairing asbestos cement roofing or ***has outstanding adhesion to countless different types of surfaces or ***simple to apply even in humid conditions.

Please call webbplumbing services first on 1300 238 993 for all asbestos cement roof repairs. Our Rapid Relaible Response and our safety protocols will ensure the best outcome..



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