In the pipeline - Information Blog #4 - Roof Leaks & Repairs

November 25 2013

Many things cause roofs to leak including;

-Blockages - commonly caused by leaf litter, organic debris, birds nests, rubbish and neglect

-Rusted roofing - commonly caused by water ponding, salt air corrosion, use of incompatible metals, use of quick fix products, dented and broken roof sheets and neglect

-Excessive gaps - commonly caused by poor quality roof plumbing, building movement, possums, birds, tradesmen/handymen not re-instating roofing and flashing and also storm damage

-Storm damage - commonly occurs due to excessively high winds, large hailstones, trees overhanging the roof and windblown objects and very heavy rain in a short period of time

-Jerry-Built work - commonly occurs when costs are cut or plumbing maintenance is put off. Use of inexperienced contractors and quick fixes by home renovators and unethical roofing contractors are common causes

-Incompatible metals - commonly occurs when inexperienced roof plumbers/handyman mix galvanised iron/lead/zincalume metals together


Questions to ask when choosing a roof repair plumber;

1. Are you insured as a licensed roof plumber?

2. What is the experience of the plumber attending?

3. How are you safely accessing the roof?

4. What are you going to charge?

5. What guarantee can you provide?

6. How will you find the leak?

7. If you cannot find/fix the leak on the first visit, what strategies would you use on return?

8. Can you provide references/testimonials?

9. Can you advise how long the job will take?

10. Is the roofing plumber qualified to work at heights?


Case Study:

Webb Plumbing Services were called out to a 24 hour emergency at an apartment in St Kilda where a ceiling had collapsed. The client was understandably distraught due to the damage in her apartment. We gained as much history of the apartment as possible and found out a professional roof plumber had been out to the property only days before to investigate the issue of a ceiling leak and had advised the client they had fixed the problem. Numerous calls were made by the client to various 24/7 emergency plumbers in South Yarra, South Melbourne and Prahran and no response was received.

Webb Plumbing Services were onsite within 30mins of the call and discovered extensive damage to lounge room where the ceiling had collapsed. Our plumber inspected the roof and discovered gutters to be blocked, causing water to build up and leak inside. We cleared the blockage which cleared the leak and took photos of the resultant water damage. Our plumber then made the area safe and cleaned up internally.

The office staff created a detailed report supported with photos and liaised with the owners corporation manager the following morning and provided recommendations for repairs.

Webb Plumbing Services were then engaged by the owners corporation to carry out a comprehensive gutter clean and was instructed by the insurance company to carry out re-instatement works which were completed within 3 business days.

The conclusion to this unhappy tale was that the owners corporation manager instigated a scheduled roof and gutter clean as a preventative roof plumbing maintenance strategy which gave our client piece of mind.

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