In the pipeline - Information Blog #45 - Leak Detection South Yarra

December 04 2015

​We recently carried out leak detection works in a home in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra as per the following notes. As can be read below the reporting is concise and there is complete transparency in relation to costs.


Attended property on 19/11/15 to carry out leak investigation works.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Accessed property and visually inspected shower -Found evidence of water ingress onto skirting boards to the right hand side of shower & into linen cupboard in the laundry directly behind shower -Carried out a pressure tested of hot and cold water lines as well as shower breach - no leaks -Carried out flood testing of shower base and did see visual signs of water ingress into linen cupboard -Carried out spray testing of of the shower and had further evidence that there is water ingress into linen press -Carried out digital moisture testing during flood and spray testing and found readings raised from 35% to 80% indicating  an active leak from this shower

RECOMMENDATION 1. Removal of the concrete to expose trap connection to the shower base and carrying out flow testing of the drains to eliminate or confirm as a possible waste drain leak. Cost estimate $670.50 + GST and restoration costs. 2. If these findings are inconclusive we would suggest removal of the plasterboard around the base of the shower in the hallway and carrying out further flood/spray testing to confirm or elimanate possible causes of the water leak. Cost estimate $454.00 + GST.

NOTE  -Recent history of the shower having been re-tiled, re-grouted and waterproofed means we will need to eliminate a possible waste drain leak. -Our two recommendations both involve exploratory investigation and tracing the source of the water leak is now the most sensible strategy.

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