In the pipeline - Information Blog #47 - Burst Water Pipe Elwood

January 04 2016

​Case Study One:


We attended the complex in December 2015 and located a burst in the 20mm copper water supply pipe.

INVESTIGATION COSTS = $ -Inspected property and could see water running out of brick work next to unit 7’s shower recess -Suspected a burst water pipe so excavated hole in laundry wall and uncovered the burst copper water pipe -Opened up hole in common hallway brick work to access the burst -Pipes were close to shower tiles and these were dislodged and removed -Cleaned up rubble and swept carpet, covered hole in hall wall with cardboard, opened windows to assist with ventilating and drying saturated bricks and carpet

REPAIR COSTS = $ -Made temporary repair to stop leak -Returned the following day and replaced the copper pipe -Pressure tested pipe repair and all okay

REINSTATEMENT COSTS = $ -Commenced reinstatement of brick walls on first floor level -Reinstated plaster and paint -Reinstated internal shower recess tiles and grout -Reinstated bricks in ground floor entrance foyer -Cleaned up and removed rubbish

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