In the pipeline - Information Blog #49 - Roof Leaks St Kilda

January 22 2016

​Case Study 1:

ROOF LEAK - unit 3

We attended site and investigated reported roof leak into unit 3 and traced source of the water ingress to a small rust hole in the bottom of the roof decking tray. This hole was repaired with silicon as was another one approximately 4 meters away.

Recommendation: 1. Fillcoat membrane to be applied to areas of roof decking rust and penetration flashings on the lower level roof. Cost estimate $1093.80+ gst. 2. Fabricated and install overflow outlets from the for box gutters servicing the lower level roof. Cost estimate $3875.00+ gst.

Note: * We will call to this property by the owner of unit three after steady rain earlier in the day. As a ceiling was still damp will able to trace the source of water ingress to a rust hole in the roof decking. * The roof above unit three is a flat decking roof where water runs to hidden box gutter which is trained by 100 x80 mm downpipe outlet. This is why we would recommend the installation of either flow outlets so there is an alternative route for the water to discharge if the downpipe or stormwater drains were to be blocked.

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