In the pipeline - Information Blog #5 - Balcony/Terrace Leaks

December 23 2013

Here are Webb Plumbing services, we have had a dramatic increase in the amount of balcony/terrace leaks that we have been called to investigate. Reports of water leaking in, damp odour coming from certain parts of rooms and even mould/deteriorated plaster have been just some of points mentioned.

Water can leak into properties from numerous sources including balconies, facades, roofs and gutters. Utilising a variety of investigative procedures to narrow down the source of a water leak is important so as to eliminate unnecessary repairs.


A home owner can easily carry out the following tests/maintenance items;

-Sweep and vacuum the surface and clean thoroughly

-Insect the balcony surface carefully looking for signs of cracking in the surface or grout lines

-Check grout lines for signs of calcification

-Check tiles/surface for signs of lifting

-Check all drainage outlets are clear of blockages

-Inspect all cracks in surfaces and ensure no plants/moss are growing through

-Identify is leak is causing any water damage to plaster/paint in area below

-Check water damage and identify if marking is wet


If any of the above issues are present, there is a good chance your balcony is leaking.


Our recommendations in this scenario are as follows;

1. Confirm the balcony is the source of the leak - The principal reason for this is to avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs if the leak turns out to be coming from elsewhere. A specialist leak detection company may utilise thermal imaging equipment, flood/spray testing with or without the use of coloured dye, moisture content readers and several other diagnostic tests in order to trace and pin point the leak.


2. Waterproof the balcony surface - Careful consideration must be made prior to balcony surface being waterproofed;

-Choice of the right contractor

-Gaining a guarantee on works

-Utilising compatible materials with the existing surface

-Installation of expansion joints in the surface

-Correct membrane for the balconies use


All of the above points are all factors to be considered when making the right choice.

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