In the pipeline - Information Blog # 50 CCTV STORM WATER DRAINS TOORAK

January 28 2016

​Case Study A: 


Attended property on 27/01/16 to carry out a CCTV inspection of stormwater drains.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Accessed property and found debris/litter in pits -Cleaned out stormwater pits and removed base of downpipe for access -Set up CCTV inspection equipment and inspected drains -Found stormwater was in extremely poor condition due to neglect -All stormwater pits were full of soil and sediment -Every stormwater pit outlet is completely blockage with soil and tree roots -Base of downpipe and stormwater lead off’s are also full of sediment and roots -Managed to get access into 1 section of main drain which was full of tree root ingress -Found 1 section of main drain had been repaired using PVC but was poorly connected -Approx. 5m downstream, we discovered a broken/collapsed drain with mass root entry -Discovered 1 of the downpipe lead off drains had been broken/cracked when newly installed PVC base was fitted -We were unable to inspect the majority of the stormwater drain due to it’s poor condition -Took notes for recommendation -Packed up and left site clear

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