In the pipeline - Information Blog # 51 SEWER BLOCKAGE BRIGHTON

February 02 2016

​Case Study 1.



Attended the complex on Tuesday the 2nd of Feb and cleared blockage downstream of unit 6.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -inspected property and could see sewage over flow at rear of unit 10 -flow tested drains and confirmed blockage near unit 6 -set up drain clearance equipment and cleared blockage near large tree at rear of unit 5 -cleaned up mess at rear of unit 10 -returned to the property p.m. Tuesday the second of the and cleaned up overflow

Note: *We are carrying out CCTV/Jet Cleaning at the complex on Thursday, 4 February and is preventative maintenance will allow the committee at this complex to formulate a management plan to permanently fix the ongoing sewer overflow problem.

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