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February 04 2016


ROOF LEAKS X 2 (Outside #3/11 Buninyong Street & 75a Anderson Street)

We attended site and investigated  reported roof leaks into two areas in the same complex (corner complex).


-Leak/s @ 75A Anderson Street.

-Shown where water was dripping  near the large skylight in the bathroom and below ventilation grill in hallway

-accessed the roof above and could see a rust hole in the skylight flashing

-cleaned area of rust and silicon sealed hole to prevent water entry over the short term

-Suspect that the water dripping from the ceiling vent in the hallway and from the plaster near the large skylight both related to this rust hole.


1. Replace flashings around skylight. See quote 77770.

2. Reinstate water damage. See quote 77768.

-Leak/s @ 11/3 Buninyong St

-inspected the common hallway outside the entrance doorway to unit three and could see water staining on the ceiling

-was informed that water had dripped through the top of the window frame in unit 3’s bedroom at South end of this unit

-accessed the roof above and found that the skylight adjacent to the hallway leak had a whole in the existing silicon seal approximately 8 mm in diameter and this hole was only a few millimetres above the bottom of the roof deck

-cleaned and silicon sealed hole

-checked roof above bedroom window frame leak

-Could not find any obvious cause of the leak, however could see that the external wall/facade has cracking in the cement sheet cladding, there is cracking where the window frame joins the cement sheet cladding and water could be entering where the awning and cement sheet cladding join just above the window frame


1. Reinstate storm damaged ceiling . See quote 77768.

2. Caulk and seal external facade. See quote 77769.


*While on the roof at this complex we cleaned all the associated gutters which were in excellent condition and only had a small amount of debris in them. We would suggest the gutters at this complex be cleaned once yearly.

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