In the pipeline - Information Blog # 53 ROOF REPAIRS BRIGHTON

February 06 2016

​Case Study 1.


We attended this home on Friday the 6th of Feb  and investigated leak from lower roof into the bedroom at rear N/W of the house. Minor repairs were carried to a lap in roof sheeting and silicon sealing of roof nail holes.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Inspected rear bedroom and could see water staining around downlights -Inspected flat roof above and could see no obvious cause of the leak, however could see several possible causes including,, *roof nails are loose and have lifted *roof sheets are short of the quadrant gutter *flat roof does not have adequate pitch and this combined with sheet laps may cause leak *flashing along south side would not prevent water entry if quadrant guttering over flowed *where roof sheeting fits under the edge of south side flashing is badly rusted and may be source of leak *downpipes from upper level roof flow onto flat corrugated roof causing volume over load *spouting on upper level roof has rust holes and would flow onto lower level roof and cause volume over load *evaporative cooler on upper level appears to be constantly over flowing and this corrosive water will cause rust problems

Recommendations: 1.  Replace roof nails, rivet and seal roof sheet laps. Cost estimate $721.50 + gst. 2. Replace spouting associated with flat roof and flashing on south and west side. Cost estimate $1808.00 + gst. 3. Re-route downpipes from upper level tanks in 90 mm PVC . Cost estimate $1189.00 + gst. 4. Replace spouting around 2 storey section of home. . Cost estimate $10397.00+ gst. 5. Replace float valve in evaporative cooler. Cost estimate $435.00 + gst.

Note: -We can provide a scope of works for any of the recommendations.

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