In the pipeline - Information Blog # 58 Storm Water CCTV - Dandenong

February 17 2016

​Case Study B:


Attended property on 05/02/16 to carry out CCTV inspection of sewer and stormwater.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Accessed property and set up CCTV inspection equipment -Inspected main sewer drain and found multiple tree root entries along the right hand side -Marked areas onsite -Inspected main stormwater drain and found various sections of built up sediment and mis-aligned joins -Found no major defects, found rear of property is serviced by 1 downpipe and disperses onto ground -Believe this and the natural land gradient is contributing to the excess ground water -Took notes for recommendation -Packed up and left site clear

RECOMMENDATION 1. Re-divert stormwater at rear in a suspended drain and connect to downpipe/stormwater at front. 2. Excavation and replacement of section of sewer drain close to inspection opening. 3. Re-lining tree root infested areas of sewer drain.

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