In the pipeline - Information Blog # 62 Water Leak - St Kilda

February 25 2016

​Case Study H:


Attended property to investigate and repair burst pipe. -Inspected site, no visible signs of water -Checked main water meter - no signs of movement -Tested main meters to make sure they were working - All OK -Units have individual water meters -Noticed while on site and informed by builder onsite that stormwater and sewage drains are in very poor condition RECOMMENDATION 1. CCTV / Jet clean combination of main sewer and stormwater drains. 2. Replace downpipe and stormwater drain at north west corner. 3. Pressure test ownerscorp pipe to eliminate it as possible source of leak estimate of cost $349.00 Inc. GST. 4. Unblock overflow relief gulley and replace. This sewer drain was overflowing into under pinners trench during works. NOTE 1. We do not think there is a current leak at complex. Suspect cause of spike in water charges relate to new main meter having been installed. 2. Meter readings MCK002706 / 09091 MCSR000635 / 01836800.

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