In the pipeline - Information Blog # 70 - WATER LEAK MELBOURNE

March 12 2016

​Case Study R:


Attended property on 08/03/16 to investigate report of a basement leak.


-Accessed property and discovered excessive water drip/seep coming down car park walls on both levels

-Found the problem area is located underneath the front garden bed

-Whilst on site, discovered an irrigation line was completely disconnected

-Suspect this could be a huge factor as it would be mains pressure water flooding garden bed every time irrigation cycle kicks in

-Another issue is also poor water proofing

-Packed up and left site clear



1. Shut off irrigation system for a few days and see if it stops leak. If leak persists, would need to overhaul irrigation pipe work. If leak continues then we will need to run leak detection on main lines and fire service.


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