In the pipeline - Information Blog # 71 -GUTTER CLEANING MELBOURNE

March 14 2016

​Case Study T:


We cleaned the veranda box gutters and cleared the 2 rainwater sumps at gutter level. We could see that there has been long-term water ingress which has damaged the under surface of the veranda in front of the 7-Eleven shop and targeted the roof above this area during our work.

Findings/Actions - Set up safe roof access and personal protective equipment - Downpipes do not appear to be blocked - Cleaned box  gutters and unblocked one rain water sump - The water leak at the front of a 7/11 store is from the badly rusted flashing which surrounds the skylight/s on three sides. We would suggest that these flashings be cleaned and a membrane applied. - Long-term water damage has occurred to the under surface of the veranda with the structure having dropped and cracked in the area of water ingress -We suspect that the cracked cement sheet under the veranda may be asbestos cement. -The area of rust above the area of water ingress is extensive and we were not able to carry out any repairs while on site -The roof of the reranda is a combination of corrugated iron  and flat sheet metal with numerous AC units mounted on the roof and large skylights penetrating the roof. -The roof and adjoining guttering appears to be have been maintained -We removed pigeon waste, trade rubbish and wind blown rubbish such as cans and bags during clean

- Photographs of problems seen  include 1. The flashing surrounding the two veranda skylights directly above the area of water ingress are badly rusted. 2. The rain water sump on the Flinders Street side is too deep and holds water and is badly rusted as is the rain water sump on the Elizabeth Street side. 3. The box guttering along the Elizabeth St side  of the building is the badly rusted. 4. Numerous pigeons roost on the veranda and on the ledges of the adjoining building above the veranda.

Recommendations in order of priority. 1. Clean and membrane flashings above the water ingress next to the 7/11 sign. See quote RRRRR. 2. Clean roof and gutters six monthly as a recurring schedule. 3. Membrane box gutter  on Elizabeth St side and replace box gutter sump on Flinders St side. See quote ZZZZZ. 3. Reinstate resultant water damage once leak has been fixed. 4. Set up safe roof access system for veranda access.

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