In the pipeline - Information Blog # 72 ROOF REPAIRS MELBOURNE

March 16 2016



In these works, we will replace an area of roof at this complex with zincalume speed deck 700 & associated penetration and perimeter flashings will be replaced. Box gutter depth will be increased from 60 mm deep to 160 mm and new box gutter will be in colour bond.

SCOPE OF WORKS - Set up safe roof access and personal protective equipment - Strip and remove old galvanized corrugated roofing and flashing - Clean and prepare timbers and regrade to provide an extra 100mm depth for box guttering - Fabricate and install new box gutter - Install sizalation paper and lay new zincalume decking - Install new penetration flashing and perimeter flashings and rivet fix and silicon joints - Remove all rubbish and debris - Roof to be cleaned and washed post works - Provide pre & post photos  - Certificate of compliance provided with 20 year guarantee on  works

OUTCOME; Aim of work is to install a good quality zincalume roof and to carry out finishing details to a high professional standard.

The existing roof is a flat corrugated iron roof which is non-compliant and the associated box gutter is to shallow and badly rusted. At completion of these works we will have installed a decking roof and increased the depth of the box gutter.

Webbplumbing services have experienced roofing plumbers and this coupled with a 20 year guarantee means your roof will be fixed over the long term.

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