In the pipeline - Information Blog #77 WATER LEAKS HAWTHORN

March 27 2016


Attended property on 20/03/16 to caulk, investigate and check for further leaks.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Accessed property and met with site contact  -Carried out caulking/repairs  -Site contact also advised they had poured buckets of water over caulked frames and they did not appear to leak -Window frames have been caulked/sealed well and do not appear to be leaking -The balcony surface however appears to be less than ideal condition -There are large holes underneath the tiles between the waterproofing -Suspect this may in the future allow water/moisture back into the building -All other areas of leak appear to have been resolved -Packed up and left site clear

Confirming where the water entry is coming from is crucial to fixing the leak, call webbplumbing services on 1300 238 993.

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