In the pipeline - Information Blog #78 BALCONY WATER PROOFING -KEW

March 29 2016


Attended property on 18/03/16 to carry out balcony sealing works.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Prepared work areas and set up personal protection equipment -Cleaned balcony surface/s -Caulked, filled and carried out further surface preparation -Restored 6 expansion joints next to entrance doorways to units 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 23, 24, and adjacent to walkway downpipe outside entrances to units 16 & 17. -Applied top coats of Hydropel with wet on wet aplication -Cleaned area and left site clear

NOTE -The product we applied is called HYDROPEL and this is a clear product which was applied to both the tile and grout surfaces. It will limit the amount of moisture that penetrates the tile & grout surfaces and acts as a water repellent. -When applying this product we applied it ‘wet on wet’, which means we apply a coat onto the surface and then another coat if the first soaks in and repeat this process over the entire balcony area. -There is currently a membrane under  the balcony tiles and this coating with Hydropel provides an additional water resisting barrier. -We would recommend that the balcony area be audited every two years so that any cracking in grout lines or damage to the existing expansion joints can be restored and both the balcony surface and the underlying soffit are maintained. -When cleaning the balcony surface a ‘weak alkaline based detergent’ may be used and for further guidance on cleaning call ‘Concrete Protection’ on 03 9429 3377.

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