In the pipeline - Information Blog #8 - Thermal Image inspections/Water leak detection Melbourne

March 21 2014

      Thermal Image inspections/Water leak detection Melbourne

-thermal image

camera inspections are commonly used in leak detection to assist during investigation work and provide qualitative evidence of damage caused and proof of permanent repair

-we were

recently engaged to carry out pre-and post-repair thermal reports in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra with a client wantingevidence that the plumber in Melbourne they had utilised had successfully repaired the roof leak

-another example of the use of infrared/thermal cameras in leak detection was in a job carried out in the bayside suburb of Elwood. Our level I thermographer was able to pinpoint the exact area of burst in the  hydronic heating pipework which was located in the concrete slab floor. We became involved in this job after a prominent local emergency plumber had unsuccessfully tried various leak detection techniques  which resulted in expensive and unnecessary exploratory damage.


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