In the pipeline - Information Blog # 80 WATER LEAKING BRIGHTON

April 03 2016


Attended property  to carry out leak investigation works.

FINDINGS/ACTIONS -Discovered water damage to the tops of cupboards inside laundry -Directly above are hallways leading into bedrooms and bathrooms -Tested bath above and could hear dripping noise inside cupboard -Spoke with customer and obtain permission to cut two holes inside plasterboard over the top of cupboards where dripping noise was heard -Located an I/O on the back of an 88 junction that was leaking -Replaced I/O cap with new and sealed using sealant -Flow tested bath and observed - all okay, no further leaks -Packed up and left site clear

RECOMMENDATION 1. During restoration of water damaged laundry, installation of an access hatch would be beneficial as there are 2 inspection openings which need to be accessible should a blockage occur in the future.

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