In the pipeline - Information Blog #83 FIRE SERVICE - SPRINGVALE

April 09 2016


Attended property on 04/04/16 to carry out fire service alteration works.


-Met site contact on site to confirm scope of alterations

-Met CMS onsite, organised isolation of electronic monitoring of the fire service and exact position of isolation valves

-Checked isolation valves for the fire service and shut off water supply

-Installed new fire service clips as per regulation

-Fabricated and installed new R/G Galvanised 100mm pipe

-Utilised various R/G couplings, bends and tee pieces to join to existing pipework

-Pressure tested new pipe work - all okay, no leaks

-Organised fire service to be re-monitored

-Removed old R/G galvanised pipes that are no longer in use

-Organised scrap metal to be removed from site

-Provided certificate of compliance and 10 year guarantee on works

-Packed up and left site clear

Fire service maintenance and repairs require a specialized skill set, the fire service is an essential service and you cannot risk using unqualified contractors.

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