In the pipeline - Information Blog # 86 BALCONY WATER PROOFING MELBOURNE

April 16 2016

Will discuss waterproofing of existing tiled balconies​.

The two products will discuss are HYDROPEL & ULTRAFLEX, both can prevent water entry through the balcony surface.

Hydropel, this is a product that is applied wet on wet directly on to the balcony tiles and grout, it will not change the colour of the existing grout or tiles, however it provides water resistance only, if there is balcony movement after the application such as cracking in grout lines water will leak again.

Ultraflex, this product provides a membrane that covers the entire balcony tile and grout surface, it will change the look of your balcony, it is UV tolerant and provides a permanent membrane over the top of the existing balcony tiles and grout.

We often get asked which product we would recommend, The answer of course depends on the existing tiles and finish.

We would suggest that all balcony is be audited and professionally cleaned every two years after restoration  using either of the products listed above.

Please phone webbplumbing services on one 302 three eight double nine three and we will provide advice and assistance in relation to balcony waterproofing…........

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