In the pipeline - Information Blog #9 - CCTV Use in Leak Detection Melbourne

April 02 2014



** Various types of CCTV camera inspections can be carried out including a comprehensive range of CCTV camera inspection in full colour for all types of pipes including sewer and stormwater lines, water services, underground conduits and service ducts

- CCTV camera inspections can be carried out for  various reasons including leak detection

-We regularly get called to properties where there has been a spike in water use and a high water bill. Our leak detection specialist utilises various means to test and confirm if there is a water leak. Recently we attended a property in  South Melbourne and there had been a spike in water bill. Water could be heard and seen  running down the stormwater drainage system. We successfully utilised CCTV equipment to trace the area where the water first entered the drainage system. This assisted greatly in narrowing the search for the source of water leak. See .

-Another example of the use of the CCTV camera inspections was the tracing of a water leak over 3 levels at a unit complex in St Kilda. In this case circular 100mm diameter inspection holes were made in plaster walls on each of the floor levels.We were then able to trace the water leak by visually inspecting the flow of water down the outside wall of an elevator shaft. The water flow was then traced running behind a skirting board on the upper level to a small external courtyard adjacent to a laundry. This specialist leak detection work was done at short notice immediately after a heavy downpour of rain.

-Yet another example using CCTV camera equipment to trace a water leak over several levels Was carried out in a multi-storey building in Carlton. The owners Corporation had previously used several other plumbing contractors without success and had incurred significant restoration expenses without solving the problem. We used a combination of hot water with red dye to trace the water leak to a external balcony doorway.CCTV camera was utilised in wall cavities to trace the flow and the coloured dye narrowed the search zone and allowed us to precisely pinpoint the problem.

*** CCTV cameras can be used with thermal imaging cameras to qualify if repairs have been successful. An example of this type of job was carried out recently in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. In this case expensive litigation had commenced between a lot owner and the owners Corporation/insurance company. We successfully proved using thermal imaging, CCTV cameras and accurate and highly sensitive moisture content detectors that the upper level balcony was still not waterproof. The specialist equipment employed allowed us to narrow down the water leak to an area approximately 1 m².

* When considering using a general plumber in Melbourne to solve your leak detection problem you should carefully consider using a specialist such as Webb plumbing services.

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