In the pipeline - DIY Plumbing Tip #3 - Maintaining and repairing your Roof

November 11 2013

If you have discovered a roof leak, inspect the room and the roof space where the water has entered.

Tips on finding a roof leak ~

  1.  Jot down some notes on the stains area size - has it been raining in the last 24hrs? Is water currently dripping? 

  2.  Next step is to measure and map out your visual findings before accessing the roof safely

  3.  Inspect the area either above and/or adjacent to the water leak. If you locate an obvious fault i.e a rust hole – repair with product such as silicone after cleaning the area with methylated spirits or other alcohol based solution

If you have no success finding the source of your roof leak you may need to eliminate possible causes by utilising either leak detection method or spray/flood testing.

This method may also assist in reproducing the source of the leak and should be carried out by a specialist roof plumbing contractor. 

Prior to committing, you should ask about job estimates, warranties and importantly – their insurance cover.


Additional tips on preventative roof plumbing maintenance:

Keeping your roof clean and maintained will extend the life expectancy of your roof

Have your roof inspected on an annual basis – plan regular and scheduled roof cleans and/or audits

If you need to engage a specialist roof plumbing contractor to attend to a roof leak they should advise you also of any preventative roof plumbing maintenance they find. Perhaps the best approach is to ask them to report back to you with any potential roof issues. Webb Plumbing offers preventative and scheduled roof works throughout Melbourne from Dandenong to Kew to Brighton and the broader Melbourne.

The final piece of advice is - never take shortcuts on the quality of the roofing materials. It’s simply not worth the risk and in the final ‘wash-up’- you do get what you pay for!



Your safety is your priority. Never get onto the roof;

1. During rain or

2. When the roof is wet

3. During electrical storms

A bucket or bin under the leak will do the job until the roof can be accessed at a later time when it is dry, safe and the immediate roof plumbing emergency has passed

Always ensure your safety.  Your roof plumbing contractor should also be very aware - and compliant - when it comes to safe work practices.

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