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Asbestos compliance

If you think you’ve discovered asbestos at your site, there are new regulations to consider.

Webb Plumbing Services is fully versed in the possible risk in disturbing asbestos fibres in flues, downpipes, guttering and roofing. We promptly report any asbestos (or suspected asbestos) to property owners and can work with stakeholders on an appropriate action/management plan that complies with Government requirements.

New regulations require building owners or managers to document and implement an asbestos management plan.

Working under the current Worksafe guidelines alongside asbestos specialists, Webb Plumbing Services can oversee safety management to ensure all procedures comply with OHS regulations and the risk of exposure is fully controlled. This is critical in workplaces and commercial buildings.

Asbestos management plan includes

  • A register of asbestos-containing materials in the workplace
  • Details of maintenance and service work undertaken on asbestos-containing materials
  • Communication Materials – such as warning signs advising employees
  • Any action plans including reviewing and updating any plans
  • Individuals responsible for asbestos management.

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