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Maintenance Planning Compliance

Under the Owners Corporation Act 2006, Owners Corporations must repair and maintain:

  • The common property
  • Chattels, fixtures, fittings and services related to the common property
  • Equipment and services that benefit some or all of the lots and common property under your responsibility.

All owners corporations, committees and delegates must exercise due care and diligence in carrying out functions and powers, including maintenance and repairs.

Risk management procedures such as avoiding water ingress through blocked gutters or drains, sewage overflows etc., saves time and money in the longer term.

Webb Plumbing Services understands the importance of maintaining infrastructure. We use our years of knowledge and experience to offer quality and practical solutions that meet property maintenance budgets.

Typical Maintenance works include:

  • Gutter Cleaning (recommended for most properties as part of an Owners Corporation Maintenance plan)
    • We don’t just clean gutters. Unlike general trades people we check the condition of your roof and gutters/downpipes to discover possible issues.
    • We provide reports, images and recommendations/quotes on all work.
  • Roof Condition Report
    • We’ll check your roof condition to mitigate future plumbing issues.
    • Broken tiles can result in flooding and large insurance claims. Be careful if your Insurance has exclusions of cover if the roof is not properly maintained.
  • Jet Cleaning & CCTV

    • Instead of replacing drains, jet pressure clears tree root entry and build up of solids in drains to prevent major blockages.
  • Pumping Pit Audit

    • We check the pumping pit is working adequately by cleaning/testing floats and switches.
    • Inadequate / poorly maintained pumps could have a substantial impact on units with basements during high rains and flood conditions.
  • Bulk Hot Water Audit

    • Where hot water units service more than one unit, we recommend they are regularly checked to ensure full operation and continuous hot water supply.
    • This measure prevents emergency loss of hot water or water temperature for communal systems and resultant expensive after hours emergency call outs.

We can send maintenance reminders or schedule maintenance regularly to ensure your property remains in optimum condition.

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