Webb Plumbing - Gas Safety Audits/Checks

Gas Safety Audits/Checks

Here at Webb Plumbing Services, we provide you with the confidence that all of our work is done to comply with the latest safety regulations.

You can be assured of getting a safe and professional job that meets all gas and safety compliance codes.

Our friendly staff in the office or out in the field can advise you on any regulation and safety aspects in relation to the installation, repair or maintenance of gas appliances.

Helpful safety information;

Do - Check hot water temperature to avoid scalding
Do - Service appliances at least every two years
Do - Use a license gas technician
Do - Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms;
-Tiredness and confusion
-Shortness of breach and difficult breathing
-Similar symptoms to food poisoning and flue without the fever

Don’t - Store combustible materials such as rags or newspapers near a gas appliance
Don’t - Store flammable liquids in the same room i.e. petrol, paints, solvents etc
Don’t - Allow water heaters to be installed in garages
Don’t - Install external gas appliances close to opening windows

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