Webb Plumbing - Modification/Installation of Gas Lines

Modification/Installation of Gas Lines

Webb Plumbing Services employ professional and fully licensed gas technicians to ensure your new installation is compliant and safe.

Our experienced and friendly gas service tech’s will complete your new gas line install to the highest standard.

We will ensure the gas line upgrade/installation is done on time and complies with current gas regulations.

Remember that gas can potentially be very dangerous and should always be treated with care by a professional.

Gas safety checks when hiring a plumber;

1. Is your plumber licensed?
2. Check the date and state of registration
3. If in doubt, call Energy Safe Victoria on 03 9203 9700
4. Check the overall appearance of your plumber, van and tools
5. Ask what equipment your plumber has at his disposal
6. Always check whether a repair if a permanent repair or a temporary fix

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