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Roof Works

Need a roof specialist? Call Webb Plumbing Services.

Webb Plumbing Services are fully trained in working safely at heights and setting up the correct controls and measures to decrease or eliminate risk.

We begin by carrying out a site-specific risk assessment and preparing a safe work method statement in accordance with WorkCover requirements and associated training.

We pride ourselves in being fully compliant with all Victorian and National regulations when undertaking work at heights so our clients can have peace of mind that their property remains safe, secure and free from costly accidents.
Carrying out work safely requires time and dedication. Depending on your site’s risk assessment, we may put the following controls in place:

  • Scissor lifts, scaffolding or roof hatches for safe roof access
  • Fall restraint systems or perimeter guard rail systems
  • We manage site logistics carefully with appropriate signage and barricading
  • We ensure at least two staff are on site at any one time
  • We do full workplace audits during projects (In-house safety officer, an independent OH&S representative & Quality Assurance processes)
  • We manage worker fatigue, weather issues and other one percenters carefully
  • We always choose the right project leader to ensure a safety first approach i.e. no Jungle Jim or Tarzan work is carried out, ever.
  • We take the responsibility for our own safe work practices
  • We’ll never be persuaded by anxious clients to take stupid risks – getting our workers home safe and sound and ensuring the safety of each site is paramount to us.

Roof Works

A note on safety:

At Webb Plumbing, we’d rather complete your job safely or not at all.

Fatalities in the plumbing industry caused by unsafe practices when working at heights have been in the news over the last 24 months.

While Webb Plumbing Services hasn’t been personally or professionally affected by these tragedies, we have substantially upgraded our already exemplary safety procedures as a result.
We will never cut corners by:

  • Working within 1.5 m of edge of our roof without any fall restraint or guard rail systems
  • Working long hours on the roof i.e. anything more than eight hour day working in an exposed and hot situation on a roof is considered dangerous
  • Working during strong winds, weather pattern changes or electrical storms
  • Not utilising scaffolding, scissor or boom lift equipment,
  • Not erecting barricading or signage
  • Employing untrained staff with no experience of the possible hazards
  • Working close to power lines
  • Using faulty extension leads and power tools.

If you’re a property manager or a committee member and you’re wondering why our costings on a project may differ, you should carefully consider whether compromises are being made in relation to safety or quality to keep costs down.

If you’re concerned about these issues on your next project, please consider taking the time to meet our Group Foreman on site or contact our office to speak to our OH&S representative. We can talk you through any irregularities with regards to costs and safety.

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