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Leak Detection in Melbourne

Sprung a leak? Take the guesswork out of detecting leaks with Webb Plumbing Services

At Webb Plumbing Services, we evaluate and investigate all kinds of above and below ground water leaks in Melbourne for commercial and residential properties.

We can offer water leak detection in Bentleigh, Hawthorn, Caulfield, Springvale, St Kilda, and surrounding suburbs.

Using state-of-the-art, non-invasive sound and infrared leak detection technologies, we can locate and repair the problem quickly – whatever the source.

Our equipment allows us to detect your water leaks with minimal impact on your property.

Webb also has an in-house Level 1 thermographer and the latest thermal imaging equipment to provide irrefutable proof-of-flood, water ingress and water damage causation reports, for easy insurance claims.

Thermal image

We offer a comprehensive range of water leak detection solutions to customers across Melbourne. These include:

  • Site advice and service/investigations
  • Recommended scope of works, associated report and images
  • Repairs (waterproofing, pipe replacement, restoration actions and repair work and reinstatement)
  • General consultancy and administrative advice.


What kind of leaks do we investigate?

  • Shower recess leaks
  • Leaking waste drains
  • Burst water pipes (in or under concrete slabs, brick walls, ceiling cavities and subfloor spaces, garden beds, under driveways or roads
  • Roofs and gutters
  • Balconies and walkways
  • Facades and parapet walls
  • Pools and spas
  • Windows and associated facade joints
  • Planter boxes
  • Building cavities or ducts
  • Decking
  • Water features

Check for a leak in 4 easy steps

1. Turn off all taps and toilet inlets to make sure there is no water running. Don’t forget your garden taps.

2. Locate your water meter. Contact your local water authority if you’re unsure of its location.

3. Take a reading, write down the result and time.

4. Return 45 minutes later and read your water meter again. If the numbers have changed, there’s a good chance you have a leaking water pipe. If not, you the can eliminate the main water lines as a source of your leak.

So next time you spring a leak, take the guesswork out of locating it with Webb Plumbing Services.

To book a water leak detection job in Bentleigh, St Kilda, Springvale, Hawthorn, Caulfield or any of the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne, just give us a call.

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