Plumbing Maintenance

Preventative maintenance program

Webb Plumbing Services has developed a preventative maintenance program to assist owners corporation, and property managers in maintaining plumbing assets in their property portfolios.

The preventative maintenance program aims to keep plumbing assets in working order and reduce breakdowns and emergency call outs. The schedule is flexible to meet building and budget requirements.

Services that are available under the preventative maintenance program are:

The Webb Plumbing Services team will identify critical plumbing assets onsite that will benefit from this program. The program usually includes a scope of works, costs and a recommend schedule frequency.

The operations team at Webb Plumbing Services manage the program and will advise when the service is due, organise an attendance date then forward the report on completion.

Our preventative maintenance program helps owners corporation, and property managers to control their maintenance budget. If you would know about how we can save you money, call us on 1300 238 993.