Plumbing Maintenance

Pump and Pit Repairs and Installations

The purpose of a submersible pump is to redirect stormwater or sewage to the drainage system.

The submersible pumps are in basements and car parks of the owner’s corporation and commercial buildings. The pump pit is the collection point and where the submersible pump operates.

If the submersible pump fails, it can cause significant flooding and damage to property.

Trained in drainage and pump management, the Webb Plumbing Services team can respond quickly, install temporary pumps to minimise damage, and organise pump repairs or install replacement pumps.

Webb Plumbing Services recommends regular servicing of pumps and the pump pit through its preventative maintenance program to reduce the risk of pump failure and property damage.

The Webb Plumbing Services team has years of experience in pump management and can advise you on how best to manage your drainage systems. Contact us any time  on 1300 238 993 to see how we can help you.