Roof Repairs

Flashing with Flashing Repairs and Replacement

Flashing is a crucial element in making a building weather-resistant and preventing water from entering the building by diverting it away. Installed on roofs around chimneys, skylights and roof edges, flashing is usually made of aluminium or galvanised material.

Poorly installed flashing or flashing that has rusted or come loose is a common cause of a roof leak. Skylight leaks are a pervasive problem, and poor flashing is usually the cause. In older buildings, chimney leaks are common. If enough water gets into your chimney, the brick and mortar joints will become brittle, and the chimney’s entire structural integrity will then be at risk.

The Webb Plumbing Services team, trained in heights and experienced in roofing, can inspect any roof and existing flashing and identify any critical issues or where additional flashing is required. The team can also custom make the flashing to fit correctly and prevent water entry.

Flashing is a specialised area, and our team has the expertise to fix or install flashing to the highest standard, ensuring your building is protected from water damage.

At Webb Plumbing Services, we understand the importance of preventing any potential leaks caused by flashing issues. That’s why we offer a preventative maintenance program to ensure the longevity of your roof and the flashing system.

Our preventative maintenance program is tailored to suit your building’s specific requirements, including regular inspections, cleaning and clearing of gutters and downpipes, and addressing any issues with flashing.

With the help of our experienced and qualified team, you can have peace of mind knowing your building is well-maintained, and potential issues with flashing are identified and resolved promptly.

Don’t risk further damage to your roof, for quality flashing repairs and replacement call us on 1300 238 993.