Roof Repairs

Metal Roofing Repairs and Replacement

Metal roofing is suited to Australian conditions, versatile and generally easier to install than other roofing types.

The Webb Plumbing Services team can work on all metal roofing types and regularly works on metal decking roofs, known as flat roofing systems. Metal decking is a low pitch style and found on commercial buildings and some apartment blocks.

Metal roofs are durable, but they can rust and leak due to:

  • Blocked gutters and debris left on the roof
  • Pipe or skylights penetrations wrongly placed or not sealed correctly
  • Damage to roof sheets and ribs by untrained contractors
  • Incompatible metals installed by untrained contractors
  • A wrong gradient in roof and gutters

Fully licenced in roofing, the Webb Plumbing Services team offer quality repairs and finishes at competitive pricing. We offer a range of options:

  • Address any surface rust or holes
  • Fabricate and install new flashings around penetrations
  • Identify and rectify non-compliant roofing materials or installation
  • Replace rusted sheets
  • Fix non-compliant roof gradient to stop water ponding
  • Fix compliance issues with metal incompatibility, i.e. using lead, galvanised iron,
  • Replace gutters and downpipes
  • Gutter and downpipe clearing

If the roof is beyond repair, the team at Webb Plumbing Services can offer a complete roof replacement.

We only select the best quality materials, and we take great pride in our quality finishes.

Some of the quality products we use:

Stramit ® products

Lysaght ® products

If you need help with a leaking metal roof or would like us to check your roof condition, give us a call on 1300 238 993