Roof Repairs

Tile Roof Repairs and Replacement

Webb Plumbing Services has over 30 years’ of experience in Terracotta, Concrete and Slate tile roofs and offers a wide range of services in:

  • Re-bedding or repointing of ridge capping tiles
  • Replacement of rusted valley irons
  • Installing storm seal
  • Re-sealing of roof penetrations
  • Repairing or replacing flashings
  • Sealing of porous tiles

While tile roofs are attractive and durable, they need to be maintained and repaired to avoid roof leaks. The most common roof leaks are caused by:

  • Cracked tiles
  • Breakdown of tile bedding or ridge tile movement

Roof pointing is a flexible material that goes over the bedding and seals the ridge cap to the tile. The Webb Plumbing Services team can carry out all types or tile repairs and re-bedding or repointing of tiles.

A ceiling leak is a strong indication that the valleys need checking and replacing. Valleys corrode due to age, and the mortar around the valley starts to break down and blocks the watercourse. Webb Plumbing Services can replace any corroded valley, ensuring it’s sealed with a complaint water barrier (instead of mortar) to meet stringent Australian standards.

While slate is a high-quality roofing material and long-lasting, carrying out repairs to a slate roof is challenging and takes considerably more time than a standard roof tile repair. Sourcing matching slate tiles and setting up safe work systems usually cost more than an average roof tile repair. Webb Plumbing Services offers limited service in Slate repairs.

Webb Plumbing Service’s roofing team has the right safety training and knowledge to work on a wide range of tile roofs and roofing standards.

As part of a preventative maintenance program, the Webb Plumbing Services team offer a regular gutter and downpipe clearing service. Removing leaf litter and other debris from the gutters and roof can reduce the risk of roof leaks in the future.

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